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Zero Waste Lunch!

This reusable lunch container is made from wheat straw (a material that is compostable). It is a great option for your Zero Waste Lunch ♻️ Planet Renu is partnering with a local elementary school to offer students and their parents a variety of great zero Waste Lunch options. These wheat straw lunch containers are part of the collection. 😊 These containers are dishwasher-safe, easy to use & re-use and come in a variety of colors. 💚 Try them today @PlanetRenu & see the Zero Waste Lunch Collection. 🌎 #zerowastelunch#smallchangesbigresults

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Ditch Plastic Straws Forever!

Ditch Plastic Straws forever! These straws are fantastic 😊 🍀100% Biodegradable🌟Plastic Free🌾 Made from Wheat Stems🥤 Never Soggy🙏 Gluten Free💪 Hot drink approved Feel good about using a straw that won’t fill up our landfill or pollute our oceans. Available @planetrenu 🎉 #stopplasticpollution #savetheplanet

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Solar-Powered Moisture Harvester Collects and Cleans Water from the Air

A breakthrough by engineers from the University of Texas at Austin offers a new solution through solar-powered technology that absorbs moisture from the air and returns it as clean, usable water. This 'super-sponge' could be used in disaster situations, poverty-stricken areas and developing countries.   The breakthrough, described in a recent issue of the journal Advanced Materials, could be used in disaster situations, water crises or poverty-stricken areas and developing countries. The technology relies on hydrogels, gel-polymer hybrid materials designed to be "super sponges" that can retain large amounts of water. A research team led by Guihua Yu in UT Austin's Cockrell School of Engineering combined hydrogels that are both highly water absorbent and can release water upon heating. This unique...

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