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C2- Planet Saver Starter Kit

C2- Planet Saver Starter Kit

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Want to save the Planet and don't know where to start? Buy this Eco Box and make a big difference on reducing single-use plastics. We have great items to do laundry sustainably as well a few key items for meal planning.

Each Planet Saver Starter Kit contains:

1) Bamboo cutlery set- this great sets includes all of the reusable cutlery you will ever need plus a bamboo straw, a stainless steel straw as well as a straw cleaner  (ALL of our straws come with straw cleaners!)

2) Stasher reusable snack bag- Ditch the ziploc bags and go reusable. This great snack bag is made from silicone (which will break down unlike plastic) and can be reuse over and over again.

3) Tru earth Laundry strips (2-pack)- No more need for large plastic containers full of laundry detergent- these compact 2x6 inch strips will clean your laundry and there are no harmful chemicals that will go back into the greywater.

4) Wool dryer balls (2-pack)- Ditch the dryer sheets (did you know they contain micro-particles of plastic?) and use these all-natural drying aids. Wool dryer balls will help reduce drying time, static cling and wrinkles. You can also add a drop of an essential oil to add a fresh scent.

* This great box is available for yourself, as a gift (we can mail it) and in bulk for corporate orders. Contact Amy at for more info on large orders.