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CBD Topical Spray

CBD Topical Spray

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Soothing, aloe vera-based topical spray, great for difficult-to-reach places.

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Soothing, aloe vera- based topical spray, great for difficult-to-reach places. This formula starts with the “soaked” organic CBD and herbs, plus a touch of alcohol to make it spray well. For allergies, migraines and a “lift-me-up”, mist in air and breathe in through the nose. CBD easily penetrates the blood brain barrier and the effects on migraines and allergies shows. Do not spray on open wounds, because of the alcohol. Can be used on post-surgical and painful areas that cannot be touched. Lasts a long time. Place it in the team's first-aid kit, for immediate relief of strains, bruises and other injuries. Like Green Alley's Cream, Balm and Soak, this CBD is grown under organic and biodynamic conditions in Northern California.

Ingredients: Ethyl alcohol, apple cider vinegar, amino acids, aloe vera, turmeric, celery seed, organic hemp-derived CBD, birch, white willow, arnica, black pepper, ginger root, frankincense.

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