Planet Renu is a Zero-Waste Refill shop! We offer reusable & eco-friendly alternatives to plastic products, as well as refillable home and shower essentials!

10 Steps To Be More Eco-Friendly

1) Reusable Water Bottle & Coffee/Tea Mugs- stop using plastic. If you haven’t already, permanently switch to a Stainless Steel or Wheat Straw option.


2) Bring Your Own Shopping Bags: Keep a bag full of bags in your trunk or keep a handy compact tote in your purse or pocket. Another great option is bringing your own mesh bags for produce. (Yay! No plastic). Try to remember every time you shop- and soon enough, it will be a healthy habit.

Some Great Options:,

3) Plastic Product Replacements: Every time you need a new household item that previously in plastic- buy the new version in Wheat Straw, Glass or Bamboo. This involves food storage containers, lunch box containers, cutting boards, spatulas, soup spoons, etc.

Some great options:

4) Go Organic- Organic foods (produce and manufactured) are grown and made without harsh and dangerous pesticides and chemicals. Another great option is your local farmers market.

5) Party Supplies- Buy Bamboo and Corn Starch options instead of plastic.

Some Great options:

6) Stop Using Plastic Straws: For entertaining or every day use, try stainless steel and bamboo options. (* I love my stainless steel straws for every day drinks and my bamboo ones for smoothies)

Some Great Options:,

7) Compost- Instead of throwing away produce leftovers (and stinking up your trash), start composting. You can make your own compost and create nutrient-rich soil for your gardens and plants or throw your compost materials in the Green Landscaping bin and let your city do it. (*not available everywhere)

8) Use Products Made from Highly Renewable Sources- such as Bamboo. Buy Bamboo. There are great tableware and textile options (my bamboo viscose sheets are my favorite!).

Great Sheets:

9) Restaurants & Leftovers- if you tend to bring home leftovers, bring your own reusable wheat straw containers. I hate to see all the Styrofoam and plastic used for leftovers.

10) Water Usage- this is #10 for a reason- most of us don’t want to think about our water usage. BUT, when we turn on the water at home, on average 1 gallon of water flows down the pipes per minute. So be aware and be mindful of how many minutes you turn on the water when you brush your teeth, wash dishes and take a shower.

Some Great Options:,


Remember- small changes can make a small difference. Incorporate a few steps today and then incorporate a few more next month. :)

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