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Beach Bucket Brigade & Planet Renu- Aug 2nd and 3rd

Planet Renu is excited to support two young conservationists in their quest to make a difference and clean up their local beaches. Ready their pledge below. 


Welcome to the Beach Bucket Brigade! We’re Cayla and Iris, 14 year old sisters, nature lovers, avid birders, conservationists, and Long Islanders. There's an enormous need for protecting the wildlife that inhabit our beaches. In the past, we’ve organized beach clean-ups, and we wanted to expand on the idea to reach more community members. With the creation of Beach Bucket Brigade, we hope to involve more beach-goers in keeping our shores clean. Our emphasis will be on encouraging children to participate in helping the environment and educating the public on the threats litter poses to wildlife. In addition, we also hope to teach people how to reduce their carbon footprints and cut down on plastic usage. The main focus of our program is to lend beach-goers reusable buckets that they will fill with litter found throughout their day at the beach. When participants return their filled buckets to us, as a thank you, they will be rewarded with a special badge, featuring an illustration sketched by us of an animal that has benefited from the kindness of Beach Bucket Brigade participants. Along with the borrow-able buckets, participants with receive a booklet designed by us, that encourages environmentally friendly practices. Please follow our page for updates, notifications where the clean-up events will take place, and interesting info regarding taking care of our environment. Ultimately, we would love for town, county, and state beaches to adopt this program and we truly appreciate the time and encouragement our local government officials gave us at a meeting with them recently. Thank you for your support everyone

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