Planet Renu is a Zero-Waste Refill shop! We offer reusable & eco-friendly alternatives to plastic products, as well as refillable home and shower essentials!

Belfiore Herbal Skincare- Refillable & All-Natural

Belfiore Herbal Skincare đŸŒ±â 
Planet Renu now carries Belfiore Herbal skincare products! Belfiore aims to nourish your skin from the cellular level and only uses all-natural, plant-based ingredients to do so -- some even grown by the founder herself đŸ€—â 
-Lavender Face Wash⁠
-Rejuvenating Face Cream⁠
-Lavender Night Cream⁠
-Eye Renewal Cream⁠
-Super Serum⁠
-Lavender Gel Toner⁠
-Rosemary Grapeseed Hair Oil⁠
+ gift set/sample options⁠
Refill options available at the Walnut Creek Store!⁠


Refillable all natural skin care products
Available @planetrenu⁠

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