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In honor of Earth day, people around the world gather to celebrate and protect our environment. The idea of Earth Day started from a man named Gaylord Nelson, he was considered the father of Earth Day. He unified people from all different backgrounds educating them on the importance of protecting our Earth. On April 22, 1970 Americans protested for a more sustainable environment. The idea of earth day then spread globally, soon April 22 was marked an event on many countries calendars. Earth day spreads awareness about climate change and making environmental concerns a top priority.
Everyone can make personal changes in their daily lives to lead us to a cleaner environment. Here are a few easy examples that we can incorporate into our daily lives:
Shopping Local. Going to the farmers market reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
Educating your Family. Teaching your family the impact our actions have on the environment can inspire them to reduce their carbon footprint.
Buying Imperfect Fruits and Vegetables. Growing fruits and vegetables is very resource intensive and many bruised or scratched foods are more likely to be thrown away and not eaten. Choosing these bruised or scratched foods can help avoid food waste.
Using Reusable Bags. Plastic bags are very harmful to wildlife as many animals can confuse them for food and they are very hard to recycle. Though paper bags can get recycled easily, they are very resource intensive to make. Using reusable bags, you are able to avoid these unnecessary bags.
* Excerpt from fellow eco warrior Sophia Fulp 💚

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