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Great Garbage Patch Cleanup Resuming

Boyan Slat, 25, is an ambitious social entrepreneur that invented the U-shaped system to catch and trap plastic trash in the ocean. His goal: Reduce 90 percent of an estimated 80 million kg of plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean, covering an area more than three times the size of France, by 2040. And do it with a technology he likens to raking leaves.

He has made tweaks to his device and now its back in the ocean working in cleaning up our trash 🥤
To solve the problem of marine plastic waste, you need to do two things. You need to clean up the legacy (of plastic waste) and you need to close the tap. Right now, Ocean Cleanup is focused on the legacy aspect,” says Slat. 🌎
We, can all work in closing the tap- and stop buying single use plastics 💚
* Article by Eric Johnston at the JapanTimes
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#oceans #preservation

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