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Local Creek Cleanup- Helping our Oceans

I’d like to thank the WAP team from NG High school for spending 1/2 the day cleaning up our beautiful creek. 💚🌎

80% of all trash that ends up in the ocean comes from waterways that feed into the ocean. It is amazing that trash hundreds of miles away from an ocean, can end up in the oceans. 🌊

Trash in our waterways- whether it be in a local creek, stream, lake or the ocean, damages the eco-systems and hurts the local wildlife. 🐟

Trash can also pollute our drinking water- pollutants can leech into our water supply and be traced in the water we use to drink and water our agriculture. 💦

Everyone can do their part-
* pickup trash when you see it,
* dispose of your own trash properly (recycle and compost)
* cut down/stop using single use plastics

We can all make a difference 🌈😊


Creek Cleanup

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