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Micro- Composting

Many people don't have a lot of time for composting or space- but if you want to provide nutrient-rich fertilizer for your herbs an flowers, there is micro-Composting! In this way, you can keep your plants hearty without spending money on fertilizers and soil amendments. You can create a micro-composter that can sit on a patio, back porch or side year. I loved doing this project as it was a way to show my kids how organics decompose into compost, on a really small scale.


Here’s how I made it:

1-Cut the top off of a clean liter soda bottle and poke some air holes in it.
2- Add damp but not soaked soil at the bottom.
3- Add a handful of food scraps (veggies, coffee/tea, bread, egg shells, but no meat or dairy).
4- Repeat until the bottle is full, with the top layer soil.
5- Spray the soil and bottle with water so that the environment is damp.
6- Place in a sunny spot, spray when the soil goes dry, and shake occasionally.
7- Watch for six to eight weeks while your food scraps slowly decompose into compost.
8- Add your rich, compost soil to plants and flowers.
9- Rinse and repeat.

My kids found it fascinating and both my plants and wallet are very happy!

* Idea originally from John D.


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