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Recycling at its Best

Innovative recycling
What do these photos have in common? The chair featured on the right is actually made from recycled, worn out fishing nets, ropes, and pipes from local fish farming companies.
Known as the S-1500, the recycled chair is one of several products that are now being created by architects, designers, and consumer product companies. With an estimated garbage truck of plastic dumped into the ocean every minute, companies like Plast, based in Norway, are finding new uses for recycled plastics and encouraging people to see the material as a resource rather than waste.

Not alone, Plast is one of many companies that are utilizing excess plastic. ByFusion turns plastic waste into concrete-like building blocks called ByBlocks that have already proven reliable in building schools and lifeguard towers, with the hope of greater applications to come. NextWave, an initiative by the computer company Dell, has been collecting plastic in Indonesia and transforming it into electronic packaging.

Creative problem solving and efforts from companies and programs like these are crucial in the fight against climate change. It is inspiring to see organizations working to minimize our plastic footprint in ways that simultaneously contribute to society.

“A Sea Change for Plastic” -New York Times


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