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Reducing Food Waste

We all want to reduce our carbon footprint and there are many ways we can do it. We can buy eco-friendly products, we can be aware of and then reduce our energy consumption (turning off lights, going solar, etc), but another area is reducing food waste. 
I read a great article by Jane Black in WWF Fall 2018 magazine that highlighted what is going on worldwide.
In the United States, the statistics are staggering. Americans throw away 40% of their food, which equates to approximately 400 pounds per person per year. This contrasts the 42 million Americans that don't have enough to eat. 
Many of the culprits are large entities such as hotels, grocery stores, schools and even farms- and the focus is on the most efficient way to deal with foods that are leftover. We can make sure to donate extra food to food rescue charities, soup kitchens and shelters, divert food scraps to animal feed (instead of the trash) and convert unavoidable food waste to compost and energy. 
There are many things we can do at home and when we go out. When eating out, take leftovers home and bring your own container to reduce the use of plastic or styrofoam. At home, buy ugly produce (produce that doesn't look perfect, but tastes the same), plan out meals and use what's in your refrigerator and freezer before buying more and put produce by-products in composting. 
In conclusion:
1- Donate extra food to food charities, soup kitchens and shelters
2- Buy ugly produce (tastes the same ;)
2- Compost food scraps (produce bi-products)
3- Plan out meals and use what you have
4- Bring your own containers for leftovers when eating out
*Here are some great food containers: Wheat Straw Bento Box




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