Planet Renu is a Zero-Waste Refill shop! We offer reusable & eco-friendly alternatives to plastic products, as well as refillable home and shower essentials!

Stasher Bags instead of Plastic Bags

Stasher Bags🌀⁠

Replace those wasteful plastic ziplocs with sturdy, reusable silicone bags from Stasher!⁠

Their transparent, leakproof design is not only perfect for storing/cooking food, but it's also great for travel (to hold toiletries, electronics, wet clothes, etc.) -- the sandwich size has even been approved by the TSA to carry liquids 😎⁠

-Dishwasher, microwave, freezer, & boil safe⁠
-Come in so many fun colors, shapes, & sizes⁠
-Made from endlessly reusable non-toxic silicone (they will even upcycle your damaged, old Stashers if you send them back!)⁠

Available @planetrenustasher bag

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