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Water Bottle Epidemic

Water bottles are great- they are great for hydrating, convenient, easy to carry and can accompany us on the go. To be perfectly honest, plastic water bottles are the epitome of convenience - they are everywhere that you are. You can find them at restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, music and sporting venues, airports, etc. But they can be dangerous to our health. 
We've heard that a plastic water bottle left in the heat can potentially leach toxins into our water- well that's very disturbing. I've always wondered when I've purchased a plastic water bottle from a restaurant or store- if it was previously stored in the heat. I guess we'll never know.
So the best solution is to stop using them and use reusable water bottles. It's a little more effort- but better for our health and the environment. Since many of the bottles are not recycled and end up like this...
Stainless steel is the best for reusability and keeping your drinks cold. These are great options...

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