Planet Renu is a Zero-Waste & Refill shop! We offer reusable & Eco friendly alternatives to Plastic and disposable products, as well as refillable Home and Shower essentials!

Wheat Straw Coffee & Tea Mugs

Now in stock:
Wheat Straw Reusable Drinking Mugs 🌾☕️
These are perfect for living a sustainable busy life. Bring them in the car, in class, or to work. Be sure to bring your reusable mug when getting coffee away from home and save on single use plastics. Wheat straw is an amazing alternative to plastic that has a very similar feel, but is 100% compostable. These is a great material for sustainable swaps and reusable eco products. Check out our other wheat straw products on the Planet Renu Website (link in bio) 💚

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