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Our tagline is “eco-friendly products good for you and good for the planet”, but our mission is to educate and inspire people to make small changes in their lives that will have a large impact on the earth...

replacements for plastic:


​This hardy grass is the fastest growing plant in the world and grows 1-to-4 inches in a day and regrows quickly after being cut down, making it the No. 1 ​renewable resource​. Since the plant's health is improved by cutting, ​bamboo​ can be re-harvested every three years without any harmful effects on the environment.

Bamboo​ is a very ​sustainable​ crop. It is fast-growing, requires no fertilizer and self-regenerates from its own roots, so it doesn't need to be replanted.

When compared to cotton cultivation, which requires large amounts of water, pesticides and labor, the advantages are pretty clear.

wheat straw

  • Fantastic plastic replacement (think containers/storage/utensils)
  • Sturdy and strong

  • Microwave and freezer safe

  • Handle hot liquids up to 200 Fahrenheit

  • Conforms to US Food & Drug Administration guidelines

  • Non-allergenic and gluten-free

  • Fully compostable through home and commercial composting

    (composts completely in commercial facilities in 1-2 months)

stainless steel

Stainless steel is non-reactive, so bottles and other products do not have to be lined. It is one of the most environmentally efficient raw materials available because of its durability and ability to be recycled. There is a significant carbon footprint attached to manufacturing it, but once made, it should last an extremely long time under normal usage. Even once their service life is over or they become irreparably damaged, stainless steel items should never enter the waste stream. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable and can be reused to make new products without any loss of the original properties.

featured collection

Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Push Button to Drink

Stainless Steel Straws with Cleaning Brush

Reusable Mesh Produce and/or Storage Bags

Reusable Wheat Straw Coffee/Tea Mug (biodegradable)

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