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Climate Change

I believe that we all want to make a difference and live meaningfully. šŸ’š
I listened to an informative session today by #brandsforgood and wanted to highlight a few key behaviors that we can all partake in that are sustainable and impactful.
1) Address Climate Crisis by:
* eating more fruits, vegetables and plant-based foods
* be energy smart by switching to to renewable energy & conservative energy
* think durable by purchasing durable, reusable products instead of disposable ones
2) Preserve Resources for Life by:
* reduce water & food waste
* go circular by recycling and choosing products with recycled content whenever possible
* choose nature friendly products that protects habitat and biodiversity
These are great and manageable behaviors we can all do. Who is doing all of these? What other actions and behaviors can we all do? šŸ˜Š
** Iā€™d love to hear from you šŸŒŸ šŸ’š

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