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Climate Crisis by Peter

I heard a wonderful lecture by UCLA professor Peter Sellars on the Climate Crisis or Climate Emergency, as he referred to it.
He highlighted the some important stats:
* 40% of all food is wasted
* 14% of the population consumes 80% of the world's resources
* 30% of all children go hungry, every day
* Over the past 30 years, there is a 90% drop in whale, shark and squid populations because of overfishing and plastic pollution
* UN Task Force issued a report in September that we only have 10 years to work on the climate emergency and make changes

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Mr. Sellars is a Distinguished Professor in World Arts and Cultures/Dance. One may ask the connection between his passion for addressing the climate crisis and the arts - and he has a great answer. He believes that most problems can be solved from an interdisciplinary approach- by having science and humanities collaborate. Art (music, literature, dance) bring people together and remind us that we are human. It can be highly effective to have engineers, scientists and artist working together to create solutions that reach people.

* Reaching people to be aware and make changes is the key.

He convinced me.

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