Planet Renu is a Zero-Waste Refill shop! We offer reusable & eco-friendly alternatives to plastic products, as well as refillable home and shower essentials!

Eco-Friendly Starter Pack

If you want to "be eco-friendly" and you don't know where to start- this is the deal for you! This starter pack will supply you with everything you need to reduce plastic usage on a day to day basis. 🍴
-Bamboo Cutlery Set to take with you on the go with a bamboo fork, spoon & knife + a bamboo straw, stainless steel straw and straw cleaning brush πŸ‡
- A 5-pack of reusable, organic Cotton Produce Bags 🐝
- 3-Pack of Bee's Wraps to wrap food and leftovers (plastic Bag and saran Wrap replacement) πŸ₯€
- Stainless Steel Straw Set with 8 Silver stainless steel straws + cleaning brush 😁
- Bamboo Toothbrush
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To order your own Starter Pack, be sure to head to the Planet Renu website (
You can also find dates and locations of local farmer’s markets if you want a closer look at the products.

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