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JetBlue will carbon offset all of their domestic flights

jetblue carbon offset

JetBlue has announced that they’ll carbon offset all of their domestic flights as of July 2020, making them the first major US airline to do so. To do this, JetBlue will partner with, a US nonprofit carbon reduction and climate solutions organization. 💚

They’ve selected projects around the globe that will offset the use of jet fuel, including in less economically developed countries, where a bigger community impact can be made. 🌎

As they describe it, the airline will support carbon offset projects focused on but not limited to:

Forestry: Forest conservation projects prevent deforestation by helping voluntarily forego plans that would have converted forests for other purposes, thereby sequestering CO2 emissions from the atmosphere in trees and soil while having additional co-benefits for communities and local wildlife.

Landfill Gas Capture (LFG): Landfill gas is a natural byproduct of the decomposition of organic material in landfills. Instead of escaping into the air, LFG can be captured, converted and used as a renewable energy resource. In addition, LFG energy projects generate revenue and create jobs in the local community and beyond.

Solar/Wind: These projects develop expansive solar and wind farms, generating power that otherwise would have been supplied by fossil fuels like coal, diesel and furnace oil. These projects also create jobs and revenues for local communities.
JetBlue will fly with sustainable aviation fuel

JetBlue says that carbon offsetting is a bridge to other industry-wide environmental improvements. JetBlue has said that starting in 2020 they’ll start purchasing sustainable aviation fuel for flights out of San Francisco from Neste, the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel, and a pioneer in renewable jet fuel. ✈️

This is produced exclusively from waste and residue raw materials, and the fuel should lead to an 80% smaller carbon footprint compared to fossil jet fuel.

Great job JetBlue!! I hope other airlines follows your lead 👏

* info derived from a great article by Ben Lucky

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