Planet Renu is a Zero-Waste Refill shop! We offer reusable & eco-friendly alternatives to plastic products, as well as refillable home and shower essentials!

Lifecycle of a Soap Bottle

This is a great infographic that illustrates the large carbon footprint a soap bottle has (or any plastic bottle fir that matter). Think of all the resources and energy that went into making this bottle- and then jt was used for a short time and then either thrown into the recycling bin or the trash.
Planet Renu enjoys offering tips on how we can all live more sustainably as well offers eco-friendly products that are mostly plastic alternatives.
With that mission in mind- Planet Renu is excited to offer a Zero Waste Refill store. You will be able to either buy a glass or aluminum bottle and fill it with organic soaps, lotions, detergents, shampoo and conditioner. More details on where to buy soon! 😊💚🌎

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