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Sandals Resorts & Caesars International Phasing Out Single Use Plastics

It's fantastic to see a few big conglomerates begin phasing out their plastic straw usage. Starbucks has started implementing their phase-out plan and this week we learned about hospitality giant Sandals Resort International (SRI) as well as Caesar's Entertainment join the growing fight against single-use plastics. All 19 Sandals and Beaches properties aim to eliminate the 21.4 MILLION single-use plastic straws and stirrers used each year by November 1st. SRI has partnered with Oceanic Global to conduct an in-depth audit and roadmap for the elimination of all single-use plastics at properties.

Heidi Clarke, the Executive Director of the Sandals Foundation, stated "Plastic pollution is one of the leading environmental issues in the Caribbean. Sandals and Beaches Resorts are rooted in oceanfront communities, and we are committed to protecting our marine wildlife, developing effective conservation practices, and teaching the next generation the importance of caring for their communities".

Caesar's has begun phasing out the nearly 200 MILLION straws used per year across its 33 U.S. properties, with plans to extend the ban to 53 of its destinations across the globe.

Ryan Voss, Caesar's VP of Corporate Beverage, shared "Eliminating single-use plastic straws and stirrers build upon our pre-existing sustainability commitment and further accelerate our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint".

Great news. Let's all follow their lead. 

We don't need plastic straws- there are great stainless steel straw and bamboo options. 


* Derived by SB Newsletter


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