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Sustainable Wardrobe tips!

Your wardrobe is a great plaste to practice your sustainable journey! There's so many better options than only buying brand-new items from big box, or fast fashion retailers! 🙅‍♀️

A sustainable wardrobe does not, and is not just beige, shapeless drapey fabric either! There's so much you can do with your wardrobe and outfits, sustainably, while still having your own sense of style-

Start by going through what you already own! Make sure you love all the pieces you already have, and discover some old ones you forgot you had.

Then you can start to pair down what you don't wear. You can donate, give away, or repurpose these clothes. There's so many ways to repurpose old clothes. You can alter them by adding patches, embroidery, cropping, dying, painting, adding buttons etc. If you have sewing skills you can also mend holes or fully take apart clothes to remake them into new garnets that you can love again!

Yard sales and thrift shopping are also great options to add in new items to your wardrobe, often the older clothes here are cheaper and made better than new clothes which is also a plus! They're also a great place to get fabric and sewing supplies to make your own clothing!

What's your favorite way to be sustainable in your own wardrobe?

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