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Wool Dryer Balls- Going Old School ;)

Sometimes being eco-friendly is going old school. Wool dryer balls are an all natural, chemical free alternative to fabric softeners and dryer sheets. They are reusable, reduces wrinkles, and save on drying time. Put a few drops of essential oil on each ball to give your clothes a fresh scent.Wool dryer balls are available in our online store at www.planetrenu.com#wooldryerballs #betterfortheenvironment

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BYO to Save The Planet :)

It’s not glamorous- but to stop climate change and preserve our earth- we need to make small changes. We need to stop our consumption of single-use plastics When you leave the house-* BYO (bring you own)water bottle * BYO mesh produce bags* BYO shopping bags* BYO Food storage containers for leftovers* BYO utensils for lunch at work/picnic * Buy in bulk aisles with your mesh bags to avoid buying products heavily packaged   Recycle when you do use plastic and other recyclables- but know that only 5% of everything sent to recycling centers is actually recycled...#fightplastic #makesmallchanges We are committed at Planet Renu to helping fight and eliminate our society reliance on plastic. We offer fantastic mesh produce bags, shopping...

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National Geographic & Wattpad have joined forces to tackle our Plastic Problem

How can we inspire change? National Geographic and Wattpad have joined forces to raise awareness of the global plastic crisis. Their vehicle is a creative storytelling challenge.To help preserve the planet, National Geographic announced their global commitment this month to tackle this problem by launching a multi-year “Planet or Plastic?” Initiative. The objective is to raise awareness about the global plastic crisis and reduce the amount of plastic that reaches the world’s oceans. Wattpad is a global mutliplatform entertainment company for original stories- with National Geographic, they are launching a global story contests asking writers to explore the alarming impact of plastic on the environment, with the aim of inspiring the next generation to do their part to protect the...

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Making the Ocean a Priority

We need to make the oceans a conservation priority. Overfishing, climate change, pollution and habitat loss are taking a toll and jeopardizing the lives and livelihoods of the hundreds of millions who depend on them.Sustainability of our oceans has risen up the political agenda, but not much is being done about it. Presently on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), “Life below water” is #14. To help address the apathy and to drive further discussion, collaboration and action, GlobeScan has teamed up with the Marine Stewardship Council and Nomad Foods to host a live, moderated online conversation on SDG14.The discussion, part of Globescans SDG Leadership Series, will bring together stakeholders across the world the explore how to accelerate progress...

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