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CBD Salt Soak

CBD Salt Soak

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Excellent for joint pain, fibromyalgia; extracts lactic acid from sore muscles.

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CBD Bath Soak is just plain yummy! Smells heavenly, and sitting in a bath of CBD Soak relaxes muscles, reduces inflammation, minimizes pain, fades bruising, aids digestion, relieves stress and tension and detoxifies the body. Sea salts pull out toxins; clients use after radiation/chemotherapy or chemical exposure. Excellent for joint pain, ankle injury; extracts lactic acid from sore muscles. Like Green Alley's Cream, Balm, and Spray , this CBD is grown under organic and biodynamic conditions in Northern California.The CBD is extracted using a cold process technique which preserves the synergistic nutrients from the plant.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, apple cider vinegar, amino acids, turmeric, celery seed, organic hemp-derived CBD, birch, white willow, arnica, black pepper, ginger root, frankincense.

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