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Shave Oil- All Natural

Shave Oil- All Natural

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Razor is coming.

And like the Night’s Watch this oil stands guard protecting your skin.

This beautiful unscented blend softens hair and locks in moisture, while providing extra glide for your shave.

✓ Locks moisture in hair to reduce friction

✓ Hydrates without feeling oily

✓ Reduces visible signs of irritation

✓ Refills available without dropper to reduce waste What's Included

• Shave Oil bottle (50mL / 1.7 fl oz)

• Choose the Dropper for your first purchase, and the Refill Cap version for refills

• 🌍 Plastic-Free Shipping Packaging

• 🌍 Carbon Neutral (we offset our footprint 100%) Ingredients

• SUNFLOWER OIL (Fortifies skin and hydrates)

• GRAPESEED OIL (Encourages skin to retain moisture)

• JOJOBA OIL (Moisturizes and soothes skin)

• SWEET ALMOND OIL (Delivers vitamin A, E, zinc and omega fatty acids)

• ROSEHIP OIL (Reduces inflammation and hyperpigmentation, and calms skin)

• VITAMIN E (Antioxidant, fights inflammation, and moisturizes)