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Creek Cleanup by Boys Team Charity

Every little bit helps 😊  My son decided to help cleanup our local creek today as his senior project for a service organization he’s volunteered at for the past 3 years called Btc- Boys Team Charity. 🌟🌎💚 He gathered volunteers and they did a great job and helping to beautify some of our public waterways. It is sad to see the amount of trash that really is everywhere- when you look closely. Good deed for the day 😊#smallchangesbigresults #everyonecandosomething

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Bamboo is an Excellent Plastic Replacement

Bamboo is a hardy grass- and it is the fastest growing plant in the world. It can grow 1-4 inches per day and regrows quickly after being cut down, making it the #1 renewable resource. It is also requires no fertilizer and self-generates from its own roots, so it doesn’t need to be replanted. We should focus our efforts on sustainable crops like bamboo 👏 At Planet Renu, we 💚bamboo products and offer a great line of bamboo textiles as well as kids dishes, straws and toothbrushes. Check them out in our link in our bio (or google Planet Renu 🌎) #smallchangesbigresults #awareness

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Remembered Reusable Shopping Bags :)

Small changes can make a big difference! I was at the grocery store today and I only saw 2 people using reusable shopping bags & I was the only one using reusable produce mesh bags 🤔 We can all do better 😊 Bring your bags and your own reusable straws and take out containers, if possible. Just say “no” to single use plastics 🌟🌎👏💚 #producemeshbags#reusable shopping bags#smallchangesbigresults

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