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Earth Day Tips!

In this day & age, beauty is not something we can take for granted. Nature is worth fighting for- so what can you do? 💚 Here are a few tips to start- 😊 🌎 Recycle, compost and make better buying choices. ♻️ Don’t buy single use plastics (water bottles, etc), 🥤Don’t buy or take plastic straws (bring your own 😊)🛍 Bring your own reusable produce mesh bags & shopping bags to the store Once you’ve got this covered- there are many other cool things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. Stay tuned for more details on next steps 🌟😊 #savetheplanet #everyonecandosomething

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Hawaii is the First State to Ban ALL Plastics for Restaurants

Great News!! Hawaii is the FIRST state to ban all Plastics for all restaurants. 😊💚 Hawaii would be the first state in the U.S. to ban plastics at restaurants under legislation that aims to cut down on waste that pollutes the ocean. 🌎 Dozens of cities across the country have banned plastic foam containers, but Hawaii’s measure would make it the first to do so statewide. The liberal state has a history of prioritizing the environment - it’s mandated renewable energy use and prohibited sunscreen ingredients that harm coral. 🏖 A second, more ambitious proposal would go even further and prohibit fast-food and full-service restaurants from distributing and using plastic drink bottles, utensils, stirring sticks, bags and straws. 👏 The Hawaii efforts would be...

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Creek Cleanup by Boys Team Charity

Every little bit helps 😊  My son decided to help cleanup our local creek today as his senior project for a service organization he’s volunteered at for the past 3 years called Btc- Boys Team Charity. 🌟🌎💚 He gathered volunteers and they did a great job and helping to beautify some of our public waterways. It is sad to see the amount of trash that really is everywhere- when you look closely. Good deed for the day 😊#smallchangesbigresults #everyonecandosomething

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